FTOTW – Augmented Reality, Last Post, Connect Co, Share Economy, Design..


Fine Tastings Of The Week – Here are the best links of last week from my tweet stream.

1. RT @drmcewan @dpontefract: Augmented reality goes beyond gimmicks – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13262407 ~ vv cool

2. http://bit.ly/ihD8yz last post of a veteran blogger who died of cancer ~ vv sad /via @waxpancake

3. RT @davegray: New post on the connected company: Give pods a chance http://connectedco.com/?p=89 #connectedco ~ vv insightful

4. RT @davegray: ‘Why Instapaper Free is taking an extended vacation’ – Marco.org http://on.news.me/mEHMi5 via @jansn ~ vv insightful

5. /Via @dorait @fastcompany up next social consumption aka share economy http://ow.ly/4HbyE ~ vv interesting

6. RT @Digitaltonto @hypergogue: The best advice I’ve ever been given about graphic design http://bit.ly/fBDHzO Excellent. ~ vv insightful


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