FTOTW – Sitting Lethal, Revolutionary, Memes, Positive Deviants, Teach Math..

Fine Tastings of the Week – the best links i tweeted last week.

1. RT @ambercadabra @jonathanfields: YIKES – Is Sitting a Lethal Activity? New research suggests yes – NYT –http://rdd.me/ynh4mwdn ~ brilliant

2. RT @lisahickey: How to be a revolutionary — learn the rules faster. By the brilliant @penelopetrunkhttp://bit.ly/hLL34n ~ vv insightful

3. RT @rossdawson: James Gleick does very good review of What Defines a Meme? http://bit.ly/eeAHUI ~ vv interesting

4. RT @nilofer: For innovation find “deviants” who have already fixed problem (without new tech) & amplify http://bit.ly/hKVE3F ~ vv insightful

5. RT @ProfessorGary: Fascinating –> How Pressure and Stress Are Affecting Your Performance: http://t.co/q8RveOZ ~ brilliant

6. RT @renesugar: @Brainology RT @newsycombinator A better way to teach math http://j.mp/esC8ZG ~ brilliant


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    Thanks for the link. I find it very difficult browse on my BB and hence miss out reading many of your links. It is good to have the best of the week consolidated in your blog.

    On #3. I found the theory of memes being living truly facinating when I read it in Selfish Gene. I didn’t think Dawkins himself took it very serious. But with the advent of internet memes do seem to have aquired a life of its own.

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    Sukumar (subscribed) said April 26, 2011, 9:47 am:

    Thanks Archana. Glad you find the FTOTW useful.

    Yes, Dawkins’ meme concept is fascinating. Quite prescient of him.

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