Shuchi Grover in the Sandpaper magazine

Don’t know if wingees remember Shuchi Grover. She’s a dualite from our batch. I came across her profile in the latest issue of Sandpaper – the BITSian magazine. The issue has interesting articles. The one on brain gain is excellent. Shuchi’s move to India with her family is covered in this article. It has some good material on “going back to India” which we have covered a great deal on this blog. Shuchi is now a Harvard educated entrepreneur focusing on technology in the field of education. She writes a blog focused on technology in education. [Note to self – add her blog to bitsian blogger blogroll]. Her latest initiative is – a forum for educators in India to exchange ideas and notes. Since this is not my field of interest, I actually didn’t register in this site. People in the education field in India, I’m sure will benefit. Way to go Shuchi.