Got tagged – 8 facts about me

Ok – Me too got tagged. I should’ve expected this earlier in blogosphere. So, here we go..

1. I used to be a passionate soccer player in school/college. Even to a degree during my early career days till I got my ligaments torn and the Dr advised to stop playing. I don’t seem to enjoy Cricket that much these days (Sorry Ganesh). I am beginning to enjoy Golfing – wish I could expense it.
2. I learned to bycycle only in late high school. Of course, within an year I migrated to an Enfield Bullet that still remains my favorite bike. I was the only owner of a Bullet in my workplace for almost an year – the security/admin guys knew me very well because of the same.
3. When I got married, had to buy a whole new set of chest/shelf’s since my room was overflowing with books. It still is, but my spouse does a better job of organizing all of them and give away quite a few.
4. One screensaver program I wrote in my college was still running in the computer lab about 8 years later. (I couldnt check if the TSR was still there)
5. Though Eco is one of my favorite writer, I havent managed to read his ‘Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language’ completely despite several attempts.
6. Used to be with a local trekking club in Chennai and have done the Anamudi and
Mukurthi. Have also done the Longs Peak along with a handful of other 14ers in CO.
7. I have practiced(for a very short time) the traditional marshal arts of Kerala – Kalariapayattu – I still use some meditation techniques I learnt there which is very similar to Yoga.
8. I learnt Homeopathy on the side for a while and can still do some basic prescriptions. There you have it ! -Sibu


  1. Anonymous said July 3, 2007, 9:00 pm:

    Thanks Sibu. Interesting. Nice to see you’ve climbed Anaimudi and Mukurthi as well. You should probably do a separate post on kalaripayattu. Btw, you need to tag 8 people to carry the meme forward. -sukumar