The tang missing from the Tangerine

After nearly 3 weeks, went out for dinner last night to the well-known Tangerine Restaurant at Murray’s Gate Road which is near the Lifestyle Home center in Alwarpet – billed as the exclusive Continental cuisine restaurant. I ordered Bruschetta for the starter course and Priya Raju ordered a pasta salad. The bruschetta came with a soggy piece of garlic bread. Bruschetta is typically served with a garlic bread that is crusty not soggy. The tomato toppings and spices seemed quite authentic Italian though. Priya’s salad was pretty bad. For the main course i ordered Vegetarin Shaslik (vegetarian sizzler served on a bed of rice as described in the menu card). It came up with a miserable looking jacket potato the size of an amla (gooseberry). Jacket potatoes are typically the large sized potatoes. They also had some oozy sour cream on it to make the whole thing unappetizing. Priy Raju ordered stir fried vegetables which was not any good either. I could not have the sizzlers with rice, so i ordered some naan bread. They redeemed themselves a bit with fresh-off-the-oven naan bread which was extremely good. Then i ordered their famous “death by chocolate” for dessert. This was really divine. You must have this dessert if you go to this restaurant. They truly redeemed themselves with this dessert. Otherwise i would have been totally dissappointed. The ambience and decor were very good. They also had a band playing, in the corner,  some popular pop tunes including the Beatles. The service was okay. Overall, they need to get a better chef. References:
1. Chenthil of Chennai Metroblogs covers the Tangerine in his inimitable style.