FTOTW ending Dec 30(#13) – Leadership Development, Anatomy of Fear…

Have been taking it easy on the blogging front, thanks to the holiday mood and year-end wrap-ups, and skipped the FTOTW series. Will try to finish catching up this weekend. Here is the missing installment for the last week of last year. 1. Hay Group in its most recent study on leadership best practices reached the conclusion that Executive MBAs for senior managers is a least likely to develop leaders. <Via Practice of Leadership> 2. As you all know I am deeply into neuroscience these days mainly for change management reasons. I am currently looking at how fear works. Came across this brilliant article in Discover on Fear. If you can wait, i will be publishing the neuroscience of fear once i complete my research into it and i will be paraphrasing this article. 3. First world readers may be shocked by this – Trains plied by the Indian Railways empty the human excrement from the toilets straight on to the track even today – Yikes. It looks like this neanderthal practice may soon change thanks to a biodigester being piloted on some trains that treats the excrement using bacteria and lets only chlorinated water and some methane out. Indian Railways, welcome to the 21st century, at last! <Via The Hindu> 4. Anita Ratnam, the noted celebrity dancer, was kind enough to invite me to her dance concert titled “Neelam” at Krishna Gana Sabha (Dec 30th). I had gone early to get a good seat and there was another young performer who was just finishing up. She did a good job but couldn’t see much passion. In sharp contrast, eventhough she is a senior performer, Anita’s performance was passionate and one could see that she was totally into it and throughly enjoying doing her concert. The concert had dance routines featuring Vaishnavite (referring to Lord Vishnu) religious songs like the famous Gita Govinda by Jayadeva. The music had been scored by Anil Srinivasan and Sikkil C. Gurucharan (i had covered them earlier on this blog). I really enjoyed this concert. Well done Anita Ratnam. 5. Finally managed to watch Sideways – a neat movie. Paul Giamatti has done a good job.


  1. Anonymous said August 14, 2007, 9:07 pm:

    Hello Sukumar

    I am glad that you liked NEELAM. I just found your comment on google and want you to know that NEELAM is now touring two universities in the US this Fall.

    Do come to my new concert this December at Sivagami Pettachi on December 29th

    It is called

    about Her.. in seven chapters

    good luck with your blogging!

    Anita Ratnam

  2. Anonymous said August 18, 2007, 12:36 pm:


    What an honor to get a comment from you. Good to hear about the USA tour. I will come to your new concert on Dec 29th. Good luck with it.