FTOTW ending Dec 9 (#10) – Hail mary pass, reverse salients ++

1. Hail Mary Pass is a frequently used business jargon. It means a course of action that has a low probability of success – something that requires divine intervention. It is a phrase borrowed from American Football. Wikipedia has a great entry on Hail Mary Pass. 2. Nick Carr added another piece of jargon to the management lexicon – “reverse salients”. His insightful article in strategy+business where he introduces the term is a must-read for everyone. 3. Behavioral research shows that we tend to fear the risks that are more improbable than the ones that are more likely. This article in the Time magazine explains why we behave that way (clue: our brain). (Via Jeremy Zawodny). 4. Techies should not miss this 2-part interview with Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of C++. 5. What do blind people see in their dreams? Dr. Stephen Juan answers this interesting question in The Register. 6. Priya Raju picked up this movie “The Constant Gardener“. I couldn’t say i liked it as much as she did. Anyway it is a critically acclaimed movie with a brilliant performance by Ralph Fiennes ably supported by Rachel Weisz. The only good thing as for as i am concerned was that I met the ace director Mani Ratnam at the video store and got his autograph. Not bad, right?