Fine tastings of week ending Nov 11 (#6)


1. It appears that the only things we manage to remember from an event that we attend (or a vacation or some such) are the peak experience we had and how it ended. I have noticed several good presenters popping in some sort of slide that would give the peak experience. Maybe this is the psychology they are playing off of. Cameron Marlow packs insights into his post titled “the peak-end rule“.

2. Animal watching of the Desmond Morris kind is a favorite sport of mine. Some of you may remember the post i wrote a while ago about bird intelligence concluding that the last bastion of whether animals can think like humans had fallen. In reality, i think there is one more bastion – whether animals have consciousness like humans and do they have a personality like we do.  It appears even that deeply human thing called personality may not be that unique. The New Scientist reports that researchers have discovered that even lowly lizards exhibit personality.

3. Julian Keeling writes about an interesting concept called the maquiladora syndrome to illustrate the effects of China on the global manufacturing industry. I think her predictions made about China in this article are generally wrong, but she has mentions some excellent indicators for tracking an economic boom/bust – real estate prices, export cargo getting stacked up in the ports etc. <Via Priya Raju>.

4. Sir Lee writes a short and sweet paean to blogging. Now, who better do that. Thanks Sir Lee.

5. What’s with India and Google products I don’t know. Already you can count on your fingers the number of Indians blogging on something other than Google’s blogspot. Google seems to be in for an encore with Orkut – the social networking service. I joined it a few weeks ago and to my surprise i found all teenagers and 20-somethings from my family as well as my company on it. Inside Orkut blog reports that Indians are the third largest community on Orkut after Brazil and the USA. <Via Archana Mahadevan>