Services ecosystem

Had the privilege of meeting Prof. Bala Iyer of Babson College a few weeks ago when he was visiting the key services companies  in  India. He is an avid Google watcher – he shared his Google  Talk  presentation (as he calls it) which had a lot of insights about Google. He maintains a blog as well. On his blog, he has recently published the entire software services ecosystem  as a network using the partnerships between the companies as the underlying data. Over 300 firms and 600 alliances are represented.  You can see all the major services companies with an India play as well as the traditional software and services companies. Interestingly Google which has major enterprise ambitions is  alone in one corner.   It will be interesrtng to see how Google tackles the enterprise market without a dedicated sales force and partnerships  with major services companies  (they  have a few like  Bearing Point lined up). Prof. Bala also publishes  another interesting chart frequently on the mashups  ecosystem  – has 119 nodes and more than 1000 links represented. Check it out.