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Updated: Aparna also maintains an English blog – newsmericks.  Found the limerick i missed as well.

Aparna says – Blogging is all about sharing. So reading writing in your own languages is started.

Recited a cool limerick which I couldn’t blog fast enough. Problems are mainly due to software – fonts etc. She shows a page which uses a diff font and hence shows a gibberish laden page due to lack of fonts. So people give up and move on. Compatibility is a big problem. Bong blogging got a big boost when a norwegian company setup a special blogging platform in bangladesh which is getting a 60000 hits per day. Bangladesh conducts all its business in bangla so they use Bijoy keyboard. Searching is hard because of the same font unicode issues. Anandabazaar uses one font and another paper uses another font so that’s a problem. So people started writing in roman script but it doesn’t work well for indian langauges because the phonetics are lost. Overall I’m sure any regional blogger experiences these issues.  Bangladeshis blog much more in Bong. They contribute a lot to the Bangla wiki. Jimmy wales said bangla and kannada wikis are the most contributed and rapidly increasing. We all need to do more in the regional blogging space.