Back to India: Even the staid old Silk Sari can be a vehicle of innovation

Since I came back, I have been observing with great admiration this silk sari manufacturer called RmKV with a popular store on Usman Road, T. Nagar. A while back they released a sari with 50,000 colors from the palette in 1 sari and entered the Gunness Book of World Records. Today they released a first of a kind reversible silk sari which can be worn 4 different ways,
The Hindu : Tamil Nadu / Chennai News : RmKV launches reversible silk sari:

K. Sivakumar, Partner, Rm.K. Visvanatha Pillai and Sons, told reporters
on Wednesday that the sari had four pallus and four matching borders
with two body colours. More than 50 silk workers spent more than six
months in weaving the sari. The weaving technique is new, and RmKV has applied for a patent.

It turns out that they have a R&D department that churns out all these great ideas. Goes to show how innovation can remake any industry. Notes & References:
1. For those that are unfamiliar with Sari. Check out the Wikipedia:

Some versions of the history of Indian clothing trace the sari back to the Indus Valley civilization, which flourished in 2800-1800 BCE. One ancient statue shows a man in a draped robe which some sari researchers believe to be a precursor of the sari.

2. A few years back RmKV won a National Award for weaving the famous painter Raja Ravi Varma’s Hamsa Damayanti painting onto a silk sari. 3. Our friend, Kaps, mourning the loss of RmKV’s founder. Great loss indeed.