India’s bureaucracy locks up Rs. 200,000 crores worth of investments

Today’s Economic Times reports that per its estimates over 200,000 crores (approx $42.5B) of investments are in a limbo, thanks to India’s mammoth bureaucracy and bickering politicians.  Its a well-accepted fact that India’s infrastructure is woefully inadequate, any which way you look – roads, railways, airports, power, telecom.. Sadly, per ET, most of this deadlocked investment is in the infrastructure areas:

Sectors where the growth has hit a lean patch due to delays in project
implementation, include power, steel, port, special economic zone (SEZ) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), among others.

On a related note, BBC’s Beijing correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes filed an interesting  report a few days back titled “India struggles to catch China” with a telling conclusion:

China is not a free society, and it has immense problems. But its successes should not be underestimated. They are ones that India, even with its open and democratic society, is still far from matching.

What can i say, other than, we need a few superhero(in)es in India desperately!