Google Spreadsheets

A while ago, I placed my bets with Microsoft for coming up with Officelive. Well, Google is responding – Cant wait for a subscription to Google Spreadsheets. I am already impressed with their calendar – a quick review of the same can be found here. A well integrated Google Desktop, Notebook, Calendar and other Office tools will definitely pose a siginficant challenge to Microsoft.Note the emphasis on well-integrated which is missing in the popular MS-Office products – I still spend a good amount of time with copy & paste operations. But, I am puzzled with the Google business model. Can a significant number of consumers along with small businesses reach a tipping point to convert the enterprises? As the old chinese proverb says, we do live in interesting times.


  1. Anonymous said June 6, 2006, 11:58 am:

    As i said in Pocket PC vs. Palm post, crossing the firewall (chasm) seems to be hard for companies focused on consumers. Having said that, i think Google will first iron out the kink from these office-type products using the consumers and roll out a Google Office for Domains like it did for gmail – gmail for domains.