Movie Buzz: Cheran’s Maya Kannadi (translation Magic Mirror)

One of our friends had come from the US and wanted to buy some jewellery. To avoid the crowded Usman Road, we went to LKS Goldhouse on Cathedral Road yesterday.

As soon as we entered, I managed to notice Cheran, one of my favorite contemporary directors, standing in a corner. Went up to him and took his autograph which he gladly signed in Tamil. For our friend, he signed in Tamil and English and beamed “I have signed in English as well for your friend’s sake”.  He came across as very unassuming and down-to-earth.  You can learn some more about Cheran in this Deccan Herald interview.

After that one of the LKS staff mentioned that he was there for his next film “Maya Kannadi” and this shop is likely to be a location in the movie.   

BTW, the section of Cathedral Road between CSI building and Chola Sheraton is developing into a Jewellery Area with Tanishq, Kuber’s, LKS, Bapalal and a few other prominent jewellers.