Nokia 6682

I was on the lookout for a smart phone and after quite a bit of research settled on Nokia 6682. I have to say that so far I have been very happy with the phone and pleasantly surprised with what the phone can offer. My criteria for the phone were the following – * It has to be a phone first – Good call quality and reception with standard phone features that we have
   come to expect from a cell/mobile phone.
* Must work with the service provider I was interested in – Cingular, and must be reasonably priced.
* It has to have basic and intuitive PDA functionalities – Nice way to organize contacts/calendar, decent
   email/browsing capability, ability to sync. with PC etc.
* It needs to play MP3 – primarily for podcasts, and so sound quality was compromisable
* Both H/W, S/W expandability would be a very good to have; meaning memory expansion and new
   software installation. Based on the above I settled on Nokia 6682. I signed up for one of those 2 year contracts (shared family plan) with Cingular through a 3rd party vendor – cellularchoices. Eventually I should end up getting 2 phones (other being razr) for free after various kinds of rebates. The phone comes with a RS-MMC card slot and Symbian 6.0. The deal includes a 64MB RS-MMC card and the phone itself comes with quite a bit f free software such as Quick Office suite (can read word, xls and ppts), Adobe PDF reader, basic music player, rudimentary file manager, opera etc. The file manager and music players (there are two, one of them being from realplayer) that come with phone were pretty rudimentary, and after some surfing I found two *very* good (and free to boot) applications to replace the above – FExplorer – To manage files and directories
oggplay – To play mp3 and other audio files I have subsequently replaced the 64 MB card with a 1 GB one (note that 6682 needs the memory card to work with 1.8V to lengthen battery life)  that I got from meritline.  The only other phone that I seriously considered was – SE w800i. I went with the 6682 since I thought it offered similar value for cheaper price (or in my case none :). Based on reviews, looks like you cannot go wrong with w800i either. Being a walkman phone, w800i it will obviously have better mp3/sound quality. To conclude, I do have to say that I have been very happy with my Nokia 6682 so far, and it has satisfied my requirements very well. Ganesh


  1. Anonymous said March 25, 2006, 12:09 am:

    Good review Ganesh. I use a Nokia as well but a basic one which makes phone calls and does SMS. Thing i like the most is the fact that it doesn’t have a protruding antenna and the overall form factor.