Dimitar tracks 7700 RSS feeds! – how many do you track?

For selfish reasons, I was trying to locate other Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) bloggers out there and I chanced upon Dimitar Vesselinov’s blog. And when i clicked on his profile, my jaw literally hit the floor. Excerpt from his profile:

My passion is knowledge. I track 7700 RSS feeds, 811 Orkut communities, 490 Tribe.net groups, 2095 del.icio.us bookmarks and many other sources.

He has generously made his feed list in bloglines and  his del.icio.us bookmarks public. (Caution: bloglines takes a quite a while to load his gargantuan feed list.)

I have a tough time tracking the 200 feeds that i have in bloglines. Therefore, i decided to conduct a brief email interview with Dimitar:

S:Do you mind sharing your secrets on how you deal with this many feeds?
If you don’t mind I plan to blog your response to this question on my blog.

Dimitar: I read my feeds ad hoc. I know the sources I should follow. Also, I
have lists on different topics.

Finance Blogs

S: I don’t completely understand. Are you saying that you only read certain topics on certain days and not necessarily read all the 7700 feeds? Just from a bloglines usage standpoint, do you then mark all read after you finish reading the topics you have chosen for the day? Because the problem I see is that the  unread folders/feeds will keep growing and the next time you chose to read a particular topic that had been unread for a few days, you may have too many feeds to read in that topic. How do you handle this probem? As a follow up question, do you read all the feeds on a chosen topic or do you have some way of reading only a few?

Dimitar:thank you for your interesting questions

1. I don’t read all of my feeds on a daily basis.
2. I don’t mark anything.
3. I have knowledge management goals I try to accomplish.
4. My feeds could be described as digital memory silos.

I stopped with that and requested Dimitar to write a post on his blog explaining his techniques in more detail, so that we can all apply his knowledge to track more feeds. Hope he will oblige some day.


1. RSS Weblog conducted a survey recently on this subject. The survey results show that approx 12% or (19 out of 159 responders) process 390+ feeds. Comments in a older survey conducted by the same blog indicate someone tracking 677 feeds and also mentions that Scobleizer tracks 700 feeds.

2. An older Sep 2002 survey on Erik Thauvin’s blog shows approx 20% of 5272 survey responders read >100 feeds. BTW, Erik’s link blog is very popular.