Unsung Blogger of the Week #13

This week’s featured blogger is 22-year-old Vijay Krishna from Chennai, India (at last, someone from my home town!). He has been maintaining his current blog vkpedia since May 2005, alt hough he has been blogging for the past 3 years. Text from the email interview follows:
1. Please write a brief profile of you and your involvement with  blogging.
I’m a software engineer, working out of Chennai, India. I’m interested
in a variety of things, one of them being blogging. I find it a natural vent
for my thoughts. I’ve been blogging on and off for almost three years
now. VKpedia is my only serious (?) effort. Predictably, it is a
play on Wikipedia. 2. How do you publicize your blog? No real publicity efforts. However, I try to leave comments in blogs, and
this I’ve found drives people to mine. 3.. Which techniques have worked for you and which ones have not? Content. That is what works. I’ve discovered quite a few good blogs,
may not be very popular, yet rich in content, and then they become popular.
So, the technique is good content. Another is to find out what others
feel about a topic you’re interested in or have written about.
Technorati, IceRocket, even Blogger Search are quite useful. 4. What do you consider as your best post so far? You can
include upto 3. That’s a toughie. Probably the entire Notes of a Nomad series, the Thiruvasagam review
[Excellent review. Need to listen to the CD I bought a while ago after this! – Ed.],
and Dude, where’s my shirt? 5. What are your Top 5 Unsung Blogs ? (please include only those that are not in
any Top 100/500 lists). That’s tougher still. I’ll suggest
Joe Anderson’s Webby’s World,
Soumyadip Chatterjee’s Mindless Musings,
Anthony’s A Journey Called Life,
maverick’s freewheelin,
and Mandar Talvekar’s Ink Scrawl. 6. What are your current book recommendations ? (1 or
2 is sufficient). Freakonomics is definitely the book of the year, according to me.
[Sibu was not impressed. Check out his rant. -Ed.]
I would also recommend Tuesdays with Morrie. 7. What are your current movie recommendations
(1 or 2 is sufficient). None in particular. I would recommend Yves Robert’s
My Mother’s Castle (it’s not a 2005 movie though) and


  1. Anonymous said December 3, 2005, 5:05 pm:

    Woah thanks Vijay. I’ll be sure to keep up with your blog more!