Hotel Rwanda – Don Cheadle pulls off a role of a lifetime

Hotel Rwanda is a docudrama that captures the Hutu-Tutsi genocide in bone-chilling detail. Don Cheadle as the doughty Paul Rusasabagina has done an excellent job. Its a movie not to be missed. Those of you that follow the Hutu-Tutsi genocides, please read Jared Diamond’s brilliant book Collapse.  He explains with reams of supporting statistics, how Hutu killed other Hutus in Kanama and goes on to tie the Hutu-Tutsi tragedy to the overall theme of his book. The book covers such esoteric archaelogical techniques such as   pollen analysis (palynology),  ice-core analysis, packrat midden analysis.  It is written in a somewhat dry style and a bit repetitive. But that should not deter you because it is such a great repository of knowledge.