A more plausible explanation for Newton’s discovery of Gravity

On March 14, 2005, I attended a seminar in New York City, which included a session by Tony Buzan, the renowned expert on the human brain and the inventor of Mind Mapping. It was a very interesting presentation about the Brain. He talked about a lot of little known facts about the brain. For instance,   how we use less than 1% of it and also how an individual’s creativity goes down progressively from 95% at the Kindergarten stage to <10% by the time we become adults. I asked Tony – “What about curiosity, the thing that drives everything including creativity?”.  He started answering by saying creativity can be essentially boiled down to A+B = C, in other words, its the spark that puts A and B together to create C. As an example, he mentioned that, contrary to popular belief, Isaac Newton  was actually sitting under the apple tree looking out at the full moon on a clear night and he saw the apple falling.  At this point, Newton’s creative genius was in putting this scene together in his mind and asking the question – why did the Apple (a small ball) fall, but the bigger ball (the moon) did not? The rest, as they say, is history. I think this is a much better explanation of what could have happened.  Tony mentioned that Newton’s handwritten notes confirm this view.