From the Book The Power Principle/Influence with Honor by Blaine Lee: –


In Jacob the baker, Rabbi Noah ben Shea shares this timely parable:

As Jacob told his stories he would from time to time shut this eyes. It was as if he were remembering what to say, not by searching through his mind, but by remembering what he saw. Somewhere he had a perfect picture and the words he spoke were a description of this vision.

What do you see when you shut your eyes Jacob? Asked a little girl.

‘Well,’ Jacob said, Once upon a time there was a man who had a vision and began pursuing it. Two others saw that the first man had a vision and began following him. In time, children of those who followed asked their parents what they saw. But what their parents described appeared to be the coattails of the man in front of them.

When the children heard this, they turned aside from their parent’s vision, saying it was not worthy of pursuit.

Jacob leaned towards the little girl who had asked the question.

What do we discover from this story?

The children were quiet.

I’ll tell you,’ said Jacob.

“ We discover children who deny what they have never experienced.”

“ We discover parents who believe in what they have never experienced.”

“ And from this , we discover the question is not, “ what do I see when I shut my eyes’ but what do you see when you open yours?


  1. Anonymous said January 4, 2005, 3:46 pm:

    good one paiji. goes to show “what you see is not what you get”.