The Village – a let down

I had read the review of The Village in the WSJ a couple of weeks ago. When it comes to seeing movies, I stick by the Wall Street Journal Friday Edition. He is always right on the money and disrecommended The Village. However, my wife would have none of it. She insisted that we pay our due respects to our beloved countryman-MNS. Off we went, leaving our kids to watch another movie in an adjoining theater.

The coke was good, the popcorn was crunchy, but at the end of it, we realized that we had been cheated – not by the 4$ popcorns and 3$ cokes, but by M. Night Shyamalan.

The Village was too slow for a suspense thriller, the music was contrived and the dialogs were so so. The movie was about a settlement of people that wants to keep itself away from towns people – don’t know why. It winds it’s way through a shattering incident in the village’s life, which leads them to question their beliefs.

Positives:- Adrien Brody shines in his role as wacky character, once again. Another positive is Bryce Dallas Howard.

So, unless you have nothing better to do, go see The Village. I was tempted to move to Princess Diaries 2, that our kids were watching. We did see the last 15 minutes of Princess Diaries 2 and that was more fun than the previous 90 minutes of The Village. 

PS: Anyone seen the Bourne Supremacy yet? I loved the Bourne Identity.



  1. Anonymous said August 13, 2004, 6:26 pm:

    While you are not avoidingvillage … try to avaoid collateral either. After a long time, I managed to see a movie in a theatre (kind of tough with a 3 year old), and I wished I had not wasted $4.50 on the drink and $4.00 on the popcorn and the ticket price itself (after all we live in sunny Bay Area you see, where everything has to be more expensive than it already is). I wish I had gone to the next theatre instead .. to see Harold And Kumar. I would have still paid my dues to a fellow Indian.

    Not seen Bourne Supremacy yet, but liked (not loved 🙂 Identity.

    A movie that I saw recently for the second time and liked it even more was – Minority Report. I am really amazed at the range of Steven Spielberg .. From Jaws to Indiana Jones to Schindler’s List to Minority Report. I have not watched AI yet, but hoping to soon.

    Talking about Spielberg and Shyamalan … did anyone catch the Time article last year, when Signs was released. There were some mild comparisons between the two .. and the hype that Shyamalan was the next Spielberg

  2. Anonymous said August 13, 2004, 7:56 pm:

    I meant … While you are avoiding Village … avoid collateral also

  3. Anonymous said August 21, 2004, 10:51 am:

    Ganesh, haven’t seen “Minority Report” but from what you say i should see it. BTW, i did not like AI one bit. Of course, there were flashes of the Spielberg magic but overall did not hit the mark. Let us know after you see it just to see what you thought.