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Can passion be taught? – part 3 – the key is producing

Tweet Updated Oct 10, 2008 – Nirmala, a KM professional joined the conversation with several insights on her blog. Thanks for the link Nirmala. Prolog: Teaching passion is one of my favorite areas. I started thinking about this again because i felt we have not been able to package the superb discussion that this topic […]

Life’s lessons from Vishwanathan Anand – world’s no.1

TweetUpdated Apr 27,2008: Owing to Vijay Arumugam’s comment, i have amended the greatest designation i gave to Anand. Thanks for pointing out Vijay. Last night we had the privilege of listening to Vishwanathan Anand – arguably amongst the greatest sportspersons from India if not the greatest. He singlehandedly put Chess on the national sporting agenda. […]

Divining the mind of the Indian Consumer

TweetI am at the Microsoft Leadership Conclave in Dubai. Yesterday, we had a chance to listen to Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman, McCann Erickson, Asia Pacific. He presented his understanding of the current day Indian consumer interspersed with memorable ad campaigns created by his team. It was f***ing brilliant. Here are his key insights and his […]

Blood on the streets? You must be kidding ..

Tweet  Please welcome Sridhar Iyer back after a long time. He is a financial industry expert, working for the company that loves urban landscapes πŸ˜› – Sukumar β€œIt’s mayhem out there,” cries the CDO trader to a fat cat investor on a long distance phone line. We could get 20p to a dollar if we […]

The Many Ills of India Inc

TweetThis is not a short story! No hay cuento! I had this desperate urge to write a short story this week. I even brokered a deal with you, my dear reader – that shafts of fiction will radiate from my (not so puissant) pen this time. If only this were a grammar school, I could […]