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Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions

TweetIf you liked “Who moved my cheese”, you would probably enjoy “Our Iceberg Is Melting” as well. The author’s explain how change can be effected in an organization via the story of a group of penguins that is forced to relocate because their current iceberg of residence is melting. The story is about how a […]

The Beauty Premium?

TweetUpdated Dec 26, 2007: Ganesh brilliantly connects this with Gladwell’s Warren Harding Error in his book Blink. Today we got the latest issue of Economist dubbed as the special christmas double issue. The article with the biblical sounding “To those that have, shall be given” caught my attention. The first para hooked me completely: IMAGINE […]

Long tail by Chris Anderson – win a copy of the book

Chris Anderson made a superb presentation about his concept of Long Tail at our customer conference 2 weeks ago. Before i talk about his presentation, i want to give you all a few pointers to pick up this concept. I strongly believe that all management professionals must understand the Long Tail because…

Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything

Updated: I am at our annual customer conference and had the privilege of listening to a fantastic lecture by Dan Tapscott, …

The incredible power of a word – part 2 – why do we swear?

I just covered how words have power over our behavior. Came across a f***ing brilliant article on why we swear [Caution: …