Crispy Dosas in the Microwave Oven

TweetThis is a follow-up to Sukumar’s post on Why can’t you make toasted bread and crisp dosas in your microwave oven? A week ago, I saw an ad on the television about a new microwave. Whirlpool India has introduced MagiCook 22C Grey 22Ltr Convection Microwave with a Micro Tawa option, which can make a Dosa, Pizza, […]

Alternative Medicine: Take 1

TweetTalking about oneself is crass solipsism at worst & a crashing bore at best. Be that as it may, I have to resort to some over-sharing – all for a good porpoise, I mean, purpose. Fear not, I won’t make this a meandering personal narrative. So, bear with me. Or not – At this mo’, […]

The Real History of India – Part 4: A new IVC Symbology for better decipherment

TweetUpdated Feb 16, 2008: Priya Raju suggested 2 more dimensions – food and attire to the framework. I have added them below. Prolog: I pointed to a seal in my previous post with a link to Parpola’s interpretation. He interpreted the lower part brilliantly as the Seven Sisters (Sapta Kannika) which is the “Pleaides”. And […]

The Real History of India – Part 3: Neolithic Supply Chain

TweetUpdated  Feb 12, 2008: Ganesh and Karthik have raised excellent questions on methodology.  I had included a segment on the methodology I used. You would have seen that part if you had read my post on Sunday. Later I took it out because the post was already way too long. Here is the methodology I […]

My Tribute To S.K.Iyer

Tweet23 years ago, my grand father – S. Krishnaswamy Iyer – passed away. It was towards the end of March 1985. My 10th grade Board Exams were in full-swing. He died on the eve of my Science exam. For some strange reason, that’s how I’ll always remember him. My Math exam was over in the […]