Improvements through inaction – factoids from a lazy bum

TweetIt is my pleasure to present NK Sreedhar’s first blog post. Myself and Priya Raju have known NK Sreedhar for over 11 years now. Over the years, Sreedhar and his wife Hema have become one of our best friends. Here he takes on a tough topic wrapping it with his great sense of humor. Please […]

The Age of Innocence

TweetIn the Summer of 1985, Class X of “Sacred Heart Girls Convent” suffered an electric jolt. To be precise, there were 65 of us in the class (Hey – India is a densely populated country) & 64 of us were shocked out of our wits. As for the 65th scholar – Well, this post is […]

The Real History of India – Part 6: Aryan Invasion Theory

TweetProlog: Now that we have established the religion that was followed in the IVC, we will take a look at the Aryan Invasion Theory debate. The words “Aryan Invasion” seem to suggest that there was a sudden death for the Dravidians, the words “Aryan Infusion” seem to suggest a benign and gentle influence, the words […]

Alternative Medicine: Take 2

TweetIn my previous post, I had outlined some basic methods to distinguish good medicine from barking mad therapies. In this post, let’s dig deeper to see how the tricksters abuse science to confound lay-people. Chain of Evidence First, I have to debunk some ill-conceived notions about science & formal medicine. Science does not dismiss unproven […]

The Real History of India – Part 5: IVC Religion & the Proto-Trinity

TweetProlog: When I started on this journey, i first looked at the Aryan Invasion Theory debates and had come across the Kurgan Hypothesis from Marija Gimbutas, a brilliant Anthropologist from Lithuania. As you know, i later switched strategies to look at the entire Neolithic plate and its mother goddess religion. Over the past few weeks, […]