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The Real History of Srilanka – Part 3

TweetAs we saw in Part-1, the earliest Srilankan Tamils moved out of India 2,200 years back.¬† Why is India¬† entangled in their affairs now? I was struggling to come up with a germane reason. Tell me, how much longer should we consider these people Indian? It is amazing that not a single politician or rabble-rousing […]

The Real History of Srilanka – Part 2

TweetIn my previous post, I had touched upon the origin of Srilankan Tamils. In this serving, I’ll outline some of the reasons behind the simmering ethnic strife. But, first I’d like to lay some lies & disinformation to rest. Srilankan Presidency and Disinformation Any armed struggle uses a variety of tools to incite the masses […]

The Real History of Srilanka – Part 1

TweetUpdates: This post has been featured in the History Carnival at & in Desi Pundit. Thanks, JK. I promised to write a follow-up to my previous post. But the situation in Srilanka got my goat, so I’m taking a detour this week. If you are not hiding under a rock, you would be grimacing […]

The Real History of India Part 10 – The Abominable Caste System – Indian Fact or British Fiction?

TweetProlog: Last week, we covered one of Islam’s key contributions to India. There is plenty of material out there to undertstand the bad things done by the Islamists, which is why i wrote about some good things they did. Any discussion on India’s history is not complete without considering the caste system. In this post, […]