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Does friendship still have any value in the New Millennium?

TweetAs someone who has grown up amongst a wide variety of friends, I was taken aback when a friend told me recently that it is increasingly becoming rare when you can have a conversation for conversation’s sake with someone even for a full hour. The implication in that moanful statement was that people have lost interest […]

How cosmopolitan is cosmopolitan? (or) how cosmopolitan can cosmopolitan get?

TweetAt the point when folk join organizations to be part of teams, they are reminded that they have left all their cultural biases, if any, of colleagues from diverse backgrounds, behind them and are now part of a cosmopolitan workforce. With globalization, we have also reached a stage of cross-cultural sensitivity or so we like to think […]

Why Twitter maybe at the vanguard of a tectonic shift?

TweetUpdated Aug 15, 2009 10 PM – Here is a recent techmemed post that contemplates some similar ideas about Twitter. Updated May 16, 2009 6:15PM – Mark Cuban says most of his traffic is now coming from Twitter/Facebook and less and less from Google! FTOTW We restarted this series in my previous post.  First, Nancy […]

The Real History of Srilanka – Part 5

TweetPart-3 of this series dealt with the North Indian origins of the Sinhalas, which more or less coincides with the prevailing notion among islanders of their “Aryan” ancestry. Let’s explore this belief, shall we? A drama typically unfolds with the Dramatis Personae. Why should we be typical? I’ll tee off with who this post is […]

The Real History of Srilanka – Part 4

TweetPart-2 of this series outlined the background of the “Sinhala Only” Bill in 1956 & traced its outcome – or debacle, depending on one’s point of view. It was a prelude to the “Policy of Standardization”, implemented in 1970. This was an excruciatingly difficult topic to write about. I had to look beyond many lies, […]