Amazonian ants use herbicide to kill unwanted plants

TweetI had written earlier about leaf-cutter ants using antibiotics to kill off unwanted fungi. Here is an amazing report in the Scientific American about Amazonian ants using formic acid as a herbicide to get rid of unwanted plants. This is supposedly the first record of an ant using formic acid as a herbicide. Some more […]

Call to Re-Invent the Wheel

Many a times I run into meetings and workshops where the general advice is ‘let us not re-invent the wheel’. …

Blink is beautiful, freakonomics is not

Finished blink in one sitting. Wonder how this guy manages to talk about just one data point and writes so …

Learning a new language may not be as difficult as you think

Research into language vocabularies shows that only about 3000 words are used on a daily basis actively. So by learning..

Vocal Signatures help Penguins identify their offspring

Sharon Begley writes a science column in the Wall Street Journal on

fridays. It is often the column that I …