PSFK idea hunt

TweetPiers says “we need some more ideas and we only have 2.5 days left”. Any of you that have creative ideas, please submit them per these instructions. This could be a good opportunity to get your idea funded.

Why you may never have a girlfriend

TweetTristan Miller mathematically proves why  you may never have a girlfriend. Make sure you read the email he received from some one through the link he provides.  Hilarious! (Via Stumbleupon).

Mark Kurlansky’s Salt

Having been thoroughly impressed by Cod, I picked up Mark’s previous book – Salt

and finished reading it recently. How …

Intelligent Design round up – Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit

I am sure all of you are following this Intelligent Design Vs. Theory

of Evolution controversy. In the most recent …

Unsung Blogger of the Week #4

This week’s featured blogger is Saket Vaidya – A 23 year old from New Delhi, India. He has been maintaining his blog…