Euphony performs for charity on Apr 26 – tickets for sale

TweetMy post last week received a comment about potential financial contributions to the CSR program. I am happy to announce that my company’s band Euphony is performing. The concert will take place on the 26th of April (Saturday) between 4PM and 7PM at the Sir Muthu Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai, India. […]

Our politicians are also capable of doing good work

TweetProlog: I am taking a bit of a break from the History series because i need to do some more research. Myself, NK Sreedhar and Priya Raju are actually working on the Farmer/Sproat/Witzel paper to try and disprove it.  It appears Parpola has not done a good job of disproving the paper. Myself, Priya Raju […]

The Honor Among Families

TweetHere is NK Sreedhar’s 2nd post. This time it is a real life account, with the names changed, of course. Please be generous with your comments to encourage him. – Sukumar —- It was a brisk spring morning. The streets were painted yellow by the Cassia fistula tree in full bloom. You can smell the […]

The Real History of India – Part 8: Parpola Lecture disproves Farmer/Witzel/Sproat

TweetUpdated again March 16, 2008: includes this post in their History Carnival. Thanks a lot  We are honored. — Updated again March 9, 2008: Steve Farmer sent me an email and was kind enough to explain to me why my post was moderated out. I accepted his explanation. But i told Steve that […]

The Real History of India – Part 7: Chariots, Horses and Thunderbolts

TweetUpdated March 4, 2008: Asko Parpola covers the IVC Script & Aryan Invasion Theory debate in his interview in the Hindu newspaper today. Updated March 3, 2008: Sreedhar said he was not able to access the ODS format spreadsheet. I have uploaded the Excel format as well. Sorry about that. Prolog: In this post, we […]