The Why and How of affirmative action (reservations)?

Updated: The recent announcement from the HRD Minister Arjun Singh expanding reservations has touched off a raw nerve. Lots of heated …

Tim Supple’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream – a class act

Just got out of the Buck’s Theater (YMCA, Nandanam) after watching Tim Supple‘s brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer …

Why offshoring may or may not work for you?

Vinnie started it off with a link to a recent CIO magazine article. Sadagopan joins the debate and disagrees with the captive option being touted. Here is may take on this..

The Politics of Time Zones

Updated Again: Sri Lanka is finally officially switching to the GMT+5.30 time zone (same as in India) after a decade of confusing back and forth changes to day light saving time (GMT+6.30)..

Movie Buzz: Cheran’s Maya Kannadi (translation Magic Mirror)

One of our friends had come from the US and wanted to buy some jewellery. To avoid the crowded Usman Road, we went to LKS Goldhouse on Cathedral Road..