Search by John Battelle

Thanks to Nambikumar Palani for insisting that I read Search by John Battelle. There is no question that Google has transformed our lives and made Search an integral part of our lives. John has done an excellent job of chronicling the evolution…

Can birds think like humans?

I had recently posted a link on my link blog about a fascinating article that describes how songbirds are able to learn grammar. Triggered by that article, I had a broader discussion with Priya Raju…

Managing the Mt. Everest of Email Services

TweetAlthough a few months old, here is an excellent article on Hotmail. ACM Queue – A Conversation with Phil Smoot – An engineer at Hotmail discusses the challenges of keeping one of the Web’s largest and oldest Internet services running 24/7. (Via Sajith Sankar)

A crab that lives inside an oyster and Quahog Pearls

Pinnotheres a.ka. Pea Crab lives inside oysters. It has a very soft shell and hence seeks protection by living inside an oyster. Priya Raju stumbled..

Motorola has a thriving internal wiki/blog environment

TweetApparently, Motorola now has over 2,000 Wikis and 2,700 internal blogs with 4000-5000 out of 60,000 employees contributing and the rest reading them. Listen to Dan Bricklin’s podcast interview with Motorola’s Toby Redshaw. (Via Sajith Shankar)