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Deconstructing Doha

TweetProlog The press is agog with articles on the collapse of the Doha round. It is sad indeed that after 7 years of negotiations the agreement collapsed on a single issue. I have been reading the articles and trying to make sense of what exactly has happened. I thought i will share with you what […]

Crispy Dosas in the Microwave Oven

TweetThis is a follow-up to Sukumar’s post on Why can’t you make toasted bread and crisp dosas in your microwave oven? A week ago, I saw an ad on the television about a new microwave. Whirlpool India has introduced MagiCook 22C Grey 22Ltr Convection Microwave with a Micro Tawa option, which can make a Dosa, Pizza, […]

It is interesting how some things never change with time

Over the weekend I had to buy a gift for a 11 year old kid. I wanted to buy something …

Blogs, Wikis, Forums, Email – the differences – Part 2

You may have read my previous post on blogs,wikis,forums inviting comments. I got some great inputs from Arun , Ranjith, Mahesh Kumar and Vamsi…

Me, Myself & My Blattiphobia

Priya Raju digs deep into her fear of cockroaches and comes up with some surprising possibilities…