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Building a Belief System Part 2 – What holds us back?

TweetUpdated May 11, 2008: Archana Raghuram joined the conversation with a nice book review of Phantoms in the Brain. Prolog: Last week we covered what the ultimate belief system would look like using Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit. Thank you all for the stimulating discussion. As i said in my previous post, i want to […]

Building a belief system – Why do we believe what we believe?

TweetProlog: Dharampal’s Beautiful Tree is a 457 page book. I have read it once before i did my last post. But for me to summarize the book accurately i need to read it at least 2 more times and i am in the middle of my 2nd pass. Meanwhile, i thought i will cover something […]

Alternative Medicine: Take 2

TweetIn my previous post, I had outlined some basic methods to distinguish good medicine from barking mad therapies. In this post, let’s dig deeper to see how the tricksters abuse science to confound lay-people. Chain of Evidence First, I have to debunk some ill-conceived notions about science & formal medicine. Science does not dismiss unproven […]

Crispy Dosas in the Microwave Oven

TweetThis is a follow-up to Sukumar’s post on Why can’t you make toasted bread and crisp dosas in your microwave oven? A week ago, I saw an ad on the television about a new microwave. Whirlpool India has introduced MagiCook 22C Grey 22Ltr Convection Microwave with a Micro Tawa option, which can make a Dosa, Pizza, […]

Alternative Medicine: Take 1

TweetTalking about oneself is crass solipsism at worst & a crashing bore at best. Be that as it may, I have to resort to some over-sharing – all for a good porpoise, I mean, purpose. Fear not, I won’t make this a meandering personal narrative. So, bear with me. Or not – At this mo’, […]