The Truth About Meditation

TweetVery many logical fallacies are mentioned in this post. For a description of these and other fallacies, please see this link. Whenever I talk about breathing exercises, I refer to Pranayama, an integral part of Meditation, without which the benefits of meditation will be even less. – Author. Author: You know, I’ve been thinking about […]

FTOTW – Tests Fail, Genius, Khan Academy, Innovation Snobs, Worst Career Advice…

TweetProlog In case you missed the previous week’s edition where i explained the new strategy for this series. FTOTW 1. RT @jonahlehrer: Why most tests in life, from the SAT to the NFL Combine, fail to predict what matters ~ brilliant 2. /via @krishvenkatesh Michael Schrage delivers a smackdown on the Innovation snobs ~ […]