Maintenance, an Untouchable

Tweet“I’m de-motivated because I’m in a Maintenance project”. “Can I move to a development project? I’d like to learn more”. “But, my batch-mates are in development projects learning cutting edge technology”. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard these phrases – or variations to this theme. I’ve always liked maintenance projects. It’s […]

Would I do it?

TweetYesterday’s world cup match and the last over given to Nehra by Dhoni. Personally I am disappointed at what happened yesterday. Lot of us would say the last over should have been given to Bhajji because: 1.He a tried and tested bowler. 2.He is the in bowler in form with wickets in the match. Let me […]

Turkey Travelog – Part 5 – Cappadocia

TweetHere’s a link to the previous post in this series, on the Topkapi Palace. A visit to Turkey is incomplete if you don’t check out Cappadocia. Its name is derived from Katpatuka – “Land of the beautiful horses” – in Hittite language. Cappadocia has an unusual landscape that cannot be explained in words. Craters, rock […]