The Bird Cage

TweetWhen I started working in Chennai, I rented a small flat in West Mambalam.  I didn’t have any roommates for a while, and Valliyamma, a retired sweeper (janitor) kept me company.  She used to work in the college where my mother was the Principal (Dean). I couldn’t afford to buy a TV for a month, […]

Fine Tastings of the Week v2.0 – this time inspired by twitterrers

TweetProlog I used to do this series called Fine Tastings of the Week – the fine links i came across in my journey across the Internet. Lot of people appreciated that series but i couldn’t keep up with that series due to a variety of reasons, chief among them my laziness 🙂  i did this […]

Guilty of Innocence

TweetThe minute I entered the classroom, I knew something was amiss. The girls were huddled together in groups, their faces bent forward, discussing something in whispers. This was not new, but strangely enough, even my group – the “Grand Band of Geeks” – was discussing something animatedly. I wondered what common topic had united my […]

The Happiness Quotient – Part 2

TweetEver since the Richter 9 Earthquake struck, we’ve been haunted by images of Tsunami ravaged Japan. Its hard to describe the tragedy unfolding in that country – A woman searching for her nephew among the rubble; the swollen sea sucking school children in; Stark images of battered bodies torturing us from our TV screens. Many […]

The Happiness Quotient – Part 1

TweetI know an elderly woman – perhaps 60, looks 70 – who’s a sweeper in Blue Cross. She’s single and has a bed-ridden sister to take care of. She used to own a flat – “617 SQFT, madam”, she told me – but lost it due to her gullibility. She now lives in a hut, […]