Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

TweetPlease join me in welcoming guest blogger Sujatha Manivasagam  (she reads and comments on many of the posts here). She is a former team mate of Priya Raju and I.  She reads a lot on a variety of topics. And it shows in this first ever blog post that she has written. Please be generous […]

Blog Pongal #2 – Best posts of the year 2007

TweetIn keeping with the knowledge is scrumptious theme, i had this bright idea last year to celebrate Pongal with a harvest festival of my own – harvesting the best posts of the past year. This is the 2nd edition of the Blog Pongal covering the best posts of the year 2007. It was another great […]

The Many Ills of India Inc

TweetThis is not a short story! No hay cuento! I had this desperate urge to write a short story this week. I even brokered a deal with you, my dear reader – that shafts of fiction will radiate from my (not so puissant) pen this time. If only this were a grammar school, I could […]

To walk or not to walk

TweetHappy 2008 to all of you!! Feels good to start the New Year with some cricket. A lot has been written and talked about the poor standard of umpiring in the ongoing 2nd test between India and Australia. There were at least 4 bad decisions during Australia’s innings – 3 going against India and 1 […]