Kite Runner

TweetI am not a big reader of fiction. I can certainly count on my fingers the number of fiction that I have finished start to finish in one shot – within a 24 hour period. Kite Runner, a New York Times Bestseller by Khaled Hosseini is one such novel. I am not good at writing […]

Egypt Via My Tunnel Vision

TweetOnce again, I lapsed into a period of silence – a silence, almost Omerta – which would have made La Cosa Nostra proud. I watched my husband frenetically type up our adventures in Egypt well into the night, on the teensy keypad of his blackberry. Really, this man Sukumar now – doesn’t he ever feel […]

The humble newspaper as an index?

TweetAs someone brought up in Chennai, i have long been used to starting my day with The Hindu newspaper.  I don’t remember reading the newspaper much during my time at BITS, Pilani except for the occasional copy of the Hindustan Times . I guess,  somehow i couldn’t get myself to read other newspapers due to […]