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Sikkim Travelog – Part 3

TweetWe had high hopes of seeing many Himalayan birds in Sikkim. But the most common were pigeons, crows, mynahs and drongos. There were several small birds in brown hues but they flew off before your lazy authors could observe, leave alone photograph them. The 2 birds that were gracious enough to preen themselves before us […]

Sikkim Travelog – Part 2

TweetGetting Sikkimese food in Sikkim is very, very hard. We found it strange that the highly recommended “Tangerine” restaurant in Gangtok wanted 3 days notice to cook Sikkimese food. There are many mid range restaurants serving meat-based Tibetan food. But, finding a decent restaurant that served a vegetarian meal was as hard as the search […]

Sikkim Travelog – Part 1

TweetAs the readers of this blog know, we love travelling. But like most travellers we have travelled more in other countries than in our own. This realization led us to choose Odisha in Jan 2012 – a trip we have been planning to write about for the past 1.5 years 🙂 And Sikkim in April […]

Thailand Trip – Part 6

TweetThis is the 6th post in this series – see, its marked “Part 6” 😀 If you want to read the 5th post – that would be “Part 5“. You need to click the link, BTW 😉 Waving a wand doesn’t work. Yet.  One of the unusual sights in Thailand is the “Floating Market”. These […]

Thailand Trip – Part 5

TweetDid you see Sukumar’s Photo Blog of the Bangkok temples? If not, click here. If you’re a tourist in Thailand, you’ll notice small, ornate structures – about the size of a doll’s house – in front of most buildings. Unless you’re blind as a bat – in which case you wouldn’t notice anything anyway. These […]