Does friendship still have any value in the New Millennium?

TweetAs someone who has grown up amongst a wide variety of friends, I was taken aback when a friend told me recently that it is increasingly becoming rare when you can have a conversation for conversation’s sake with someone even for a full hour. The implication in that moanful statement was that people have lost interest […]

A Mongrel’s Tale

TweetHave you heard of the Liger? Its the unnatural hybrid of a Lion & a Tigress. The offspring of such a union have agonizing moments of self-doubt & identity crisis. For you see, Tigers are solitary creatures. They are territorial & come together only for mating & raising the young. But, Lions live together, in […]

How cosmopolitan is cosmopolitan? (or) how cosmopolitan can cosmopolitan get?

TweetAt the point when folk join organizations to be part of teams, they are reminded that they have left all their cultural biases, if any, of colleagues from diverse backgrounds, behind them and are now part of a cosmopolitan workforce. With globalization, we have also reached a stage of cross-cultural sensitivity or so we like to think […]

Is the Learning Experience Different in Arts and Aesthetics vis-à-vis Formal Education?

TweetWhile living along the East Coast Road in Chennai, India one gets to see the spectacle of many Europeans and north Americans dressed in Indian attire, several of whom are students of Kalakshetra, the legendary school of music and dance. One can’t but admire the dedication with which these learners have come from far-away lands […]