Egypt moblog #5 – Temple at Edfu + Story of sky goddess Nut

TweetToday morning we reached Edfu and the tour started sharp at 9am. The temple at Edfu is dedicated to Horus, the falcon god. It is one of best preserved temples in all of Egypt. Evidence from the middle kingdom are present but most of the works are from the Greco Roman period during the time […]

Egypt Moblog #4 – Temple at Kom Ombo

TweetAfter we set sail, we stopped at Kom Ombo to see the famous temple there. En route, we saw the lush farms on the banks of the river Nile. It was almost 5pm when we our boat stopped at Kom Ombo and it became dark pretty quickly after that. The temple of Kom Ombo is […]

Egypt moblog #3 – High Dam and the Temple of Philiae

TweetOur cruise boat just set sail. Contrary to our expectations this boat Nile Admiral is fantastic. The cabin is almost like a modern hotel suite. Before we set sail, we did an excursion to the High Dam and the Temple of Philiae. Our guide Mr. Bassum has encyclopaedic knowledge of Egypt. He answers all our […]

Egypt Moblog #2 – Abu Simbel – Rameses II’s crown jewel

TweetYesterday we reached Aswan. It is a beautiful city. No hustle and bustle like Cairo. The hotel we stayed in, the Basma Aswan, was beautiful as well. We left Cairo at 2AM and reached Aswan by the early morning. In Aswan, due to the security procedures all the cars to Abu Simbel go in a […]

Egypt Moblog #1 – Pyramids at Gizah and Saqqara + Memphis

TweetOur tour of Egypt started today after a marathon 48 hour travel to Cairo from Chennai. I’ll write a whole rant about it later. As we drove from the Cairo airport to our hotel last night, we saw the first tantalizing glimpses of the pyramids of Gizah against the backdrop of the night sky, building […]