The Real Deal at Deal Architect

TweetUpdate: Desipundit linked to my guest column. Thanks Kaps. Vinnie Mirchandani features guest bloggers from the industry in his Real Deal feature. Lots of insights here. This week, my article “Reverse Immigration Shock” has been featured. Thanks Vinnie.

DNA Fingerprinting enters the kitchen!

Read an interesting report recently in ET, about using DNA fingerprinting for certifying the Basmati Rice variety. ITC Hotels says in this report..

Excellent interview with Amazon’s CTO

ACM Queue has published an excellent interview with Werner Vogels. Interviewer is Jim Gray. If you are in IT and work in SOA-type areas..

Kudos, Mr President on Office of Profit Issue

Hon. President Mr. Kalam has made a wise move by sending back the bill ‘Office of Profit’. Even though, the …