Boing Boing links to my article on non-human farmers

TweetBoing Boing, one of the top blogs and one of my favorites has linked to my non-human farmers article. i am so proud of this. thanks a lot cory.

some interesting ideas here

Tweetone idea a day. check it out. Thanks to Joe Kissell of ITOTD.

Some mind blowing, spectacular wall paper images

Tweetevery single one is superb. particularly liked the “forces of nature”.

Web page that reads your mind !

TweetThis web page lives up to its claim of being able to read your mind. After a few tries, i was able to crack how it does. See if you can.

Humans did not invent agriculture !

Tweet“Interesting thing of the day” has published an article written by me on non-human famers. BTW, the picture of the damselfish is also my handiwork. As always, Joe’s editing shines through. check it out.