Rest of us mere mortals in the IT world to get Google type Architecture soon

TweetPeter Yared’s  company ActiveGrid is bringing the google type grid architecture to the world. Check out his blog for some interesting articles on application servers and of course ActiveGrid’s stuff.

Alexander – da bomb – don’t even try

Heard that people of Orissa burnt the theaters that screened Shahrukh’s

Ashoka. I would strongly recommend Macedonians  do the same. 

That eternal wellspring of nostalgia – amar chitra katha

TweetAmar Chitra Katha’s Ramayana on the net. Check it out.

Want to understand Bayes’ Theorem ?

TweetA brilliantly lucid explanation of the Bayes’ Theorem. I wish someone explained Schrodinger’s equation this well.

Rational or Impotent ?

The Net is full of articles, each one more strident than the other, on how Hinduism is …