Relevance of Saraswati pooja/Vijayadasami.

TweetI am not a religious person.But my family is and I go along with the motions on every festival day so they are happy. I don’t loose anything by playing along. But as I go through the motions my mind keeps thinking “Is this all a farce or could there be something logical behind it?”. […]

Privileged I am to be in Thy Debt….

TweetSultana is back with a tribute to Teachers on the occasion of Teachers Day in India. Please encourage her with your comments  – Sukumar ——————– Forming each pillar with patience, Laying each stone with prayer But the temple the teacher built Shall endure while the ages roll, For the beautiful unseen temple Was the child’s […]

Learning and the Aha Moment

TweetFTOTW [Fine Tastings of the Week] Dina talks about a wonderful innovation from Nokia that could have a major impact on rural India.  A brilliant 4.5 min video on how to find and pursue your passion by Randy Komisar (via @athick2) [Flashback – can passion can be taught? ]. Prolog Today, thanks to a friend, […]