Clayton Christensen says Apple iPhone will fail!

It is 10 years since the Innovator’s Dilemma was published. Businessweek interviewed Clayton Christensen to commemorate the event.  Christensen predicts …

Multimodal Biometrics and Voicepay

Biometric authentication is fascinating for the simple reason that you can do away with passwords and all the resultant hassles….

Charlie Munger’s Commencement Address

TweetHere is a must read commencement speech by Charlie Munger.  Charlie Munger on the Wikipedia, for those that don’t know him. We had covered Charline Munger’s views on how to become an expert a while ago.  <Via Sadagopan>

Rasam Restaurant – Kongu Nadu Cuisine – Excellent

Updated: Last night we took some friends and family to the Rasam Restaurant in Purasawalkam (off Poonamallee High Road near Dasprakash)….

Efficiency or Creativity?

Business Week recently weighed in on the question of efficiency vs. creativity. This article has received wide attention with many …