JP Morgan’s Summer Reading List 2007

TweetJPMC has published its summer reading list for 2007. As a Neurophile, Daniel J. Levitin’s “This is your brain on music” sounds interesting. Need to read that one. We had covered their 2005 reading list a while ago.

Mirror, Mirror – What is the whitest of all?

Did you know that for Mother Nature, white is the hardest of all colors to produce? …

Meme – 8 least known facts about me

Updated: Raj has tagged me and I am supposed to write 8 least known facts about me:..

IBM’s Koala – Screencasting on Steroids

You must have all seen screencasts – a stream of screenshots with annotations of a session with a software application. This is the technique we use to explain how to use a software system. The person learning the new system must painstakingly go through the screencast, do the same actions on the system and learn…

Animating the global web

TweetDavid Troy has built 2 very interesting much-talked-about websites twittervision and flickrvision. Latest updates on the popular micro blogging site Twitter are plotted on a auto-refreshing Google Map on twittervision. Flickrvision does the same thing for photos uploaded on the popular photo sharing site Flickr.  If you need to while away time, these 2 sites are great. Just […]