Can phishing go away??

Bruce Schneier’s take on what he calls as “semantic attacks” such as Phishing and Pharming and how much more institutions …

Unsung Blogger of the Week #7

This week’s featured blogger is Prof. Massimo Pigliucci from SUNY, Stonybrook, New York. He joined the blogosphere…

Built to Last (forever!) – Oldest companies/corporations

Priya Raju asked me recently – which is the oldest company in the

world? I did not know the answer, …

“Worm Therapy” for Asthma similar to “Hyderabad Fish Medicine”?

Recently read a report describing a new type of therapy for Asthma using hookworms. The basic principle being..

The milliondollar homepage – one helluva idea!

TweetA 21-year old student in the UK is trying to pay for his college by selling 100-pixel blocks for $100 on a page with a million pixels on it. As on date he has sold $310,000 worth of pixels. It gives new meaning to the term –  business model. Way to go Alex Tew. (Via  […]