Tsunami-orphaned hippo adopted by a 100-year-old tortoise

TweetIts a bit dated, but a heart warming tale of how a 100 year old tortoise has adopted a hippo orphaned by the tsunami in Nairobi, Kenya. (Via Priya Raju)

Unsung Blogger of the Week #11

This week’s featured blogger is Mark Draughn. He has been maintaining

his blog Windypundit for over 3 years now…

Reuters echoes our views on Blackberry

TweetLucas Van Grinsven on the topic of rising competition to the Blackberry.  Our article “RIM Blackberry faces an uphill battle” aired June 26,2005!

Last guy standing in Delhi.

TweetTTG’s response to a lonely Delhi gal. Hilarious.

What drives the culture of participation?

1. First, Nicholas Carr, the naysayer of “IT does not matter” fame, kicked it off with a rant titled “Amorality of web 2.0”..